How to Build a Lead Generation Website for Your Business?

Creating websites is easy, thanks to the wonderful CMS (Content Management Systems) platforms like Magento, Joomla, etc. This has motivated many business owners to promote their business products in the digital market by creating their websites. 

Business owners create sites with soothing colors and enticing themes and designs which attract visitors to their site. But just enhancing the network traffic is not sufficient to gain business. These visitors should become your customers for enhancing your business. 

To achieve this goal, it’s essential to create websites that are capable of generating leads for promoting your business and increasing your revenues.

What are Lead Generation Websites?

Lead generation websites are specially crafted for converting visitors visiting these sites into customers. In short, once a visitor visits these sites, they get curious to know about the products and services that the site has to offer, and this is the start of a lead generation process. 

Lead generation process

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The lead generation process includes gaining customer information through a web form, via a lead magnet, or through a live chat option. Once the customer details are entered on the site, the digital marketers follow up with the customers to market these products and instigate the customer’s interest in buying them.  

Functions of Lead Generation Websites

Attract Network Traffic to your Site

There are varied options to entice network traffic out of which the main one is SEO (search engine optimization). Incoming traffic can also be increased through social media platforms, digital marketing strategies, online ad popups, etc.

Generate Proper Lead Magnets

Appropriate positioning of lead magnets for your site visitors can help in motivating them to fill in their contact details. This works wonders for lead generation sites. 

Lead magnets like trial subscriptions, e-mails, e-letters, web subscription forms, etc. placed on home pages or other product pages can help in increasing the sales count.

Generate Landing Pages

Use these distinctive/standalone pages for promoting and highlighting your lead magnets to gather all the contact details from your site visitors. Crafting landing pages is important when you run ads so that your target audience is directed to the right pages with the right content.

Gain Visitor Details

Visitor details can be gained through lead magnets or landing pages. An interested visitor will fill in the data asked for and help in creating a lead. There are other technologies available which can provide visitor information in depth and there are various types of website visitor tracking tools available.

Now that the functioning of these sites is clear, let’s check out some unique strategies for creating a lead generation site.  

Tips to Build an Effective Lead Generation Website

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Demand Gen Report 2021 indicates that:

  • 53% of the respondents are through webinars 
  • 29% of the leads are generated through videos
  • 22% of the leads are generated by e-books 

Use SSL Certificate for Site Security

Irrespective of the industry or product, site security is pivotal in all cases. Ever since Google made HTTPS (hyper-text transfer protocol secure) mandatory for websites, all the popular browsers warn users when they visit unsafe sites.

Visitors abandon such sites and conversions become almost impossible. 

Therefore, choosing a proper SSL cert for your website security is essential. There are several popular and easy to use tools available in the market that one can easily purchase. Wildcard SSL certificate solutions secure regular domain and its subdomains. 

Since SSL certificates encrypt visitor details to keep them safe from hackers, visitors trust these sites. They also check the above-stated trust symbols before giving their information which can help generate leads.

Organize your Lead Generation Funnel

Your site’s lead generation funnel portrays the stepwise process through which the product passes.

A perfect lead generation funnel comprises the below steps:

  • Creating awareness of your product by showing visibility in search engines
  • Developing interest in your product 
  • Visualizing lead magnets to motivate them to submit their contact details
  • In the end, enticing them to purchase the product.

Organizing this funnel is pivotal while creating your website since it helps in regulating the steps required for your leads to motivate them to take the desired action.

Evaluate your Traffic Sources

Firstly, in case of less traffic, plan strategies that will attract more incoming traffic to your site. Paid sources like online ads are less effective as compared to organic traffic strategies because the moment you stop paying the traffic halts. 

Organic traffic sources like social media platforms, wherein visitors enter your website via a link placed on your social media page/ad are most ideal for your site. 

Organic SEO is fruitful in a lead generation so use relevant content on your site which helps in enhancing site visibility in search engines. 

Use the Google Analytics tool for analyzing the traffic sources. Assess the landing pages for proper placement of the lead magnets to gain successful lead results.

Add Web Form to the Home Page for Capturing Email Address

The home page of your site can prove to be helpful in varied ways. One such way is to add a web form to capture the email id of the visitor. This will help in creating an email list because when a visitor visits your site, they will have to submit their email address to proceed and view the site. 

You can motivate them to enter their email details by giving a free trial of your products, offering free newsletter subscriptions, or other attractive discounts on your products. 

Timely page pop-ups can also draw visitors’ attention to the lead magnets, which indirectly helps in lead generation.

Create Pertinent Lead Magnets on Site Pages

Don’t just place your lead magnets anywhere. Think carefully and place them on the relevant site pages by considering the visitors’ needs and expectations.

Few Examples for Placement of Lead Magnets:

  • Free Trial of Products: Placement on the Product page of your site is the best.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Placement on the home page is ideal for this lead magnet
  • Product Discount: Placement on the top of your Product/Home page.

Easy Contact

In digital marketing and purchase, the contact factor is very important for enhancing business. Sites having contact details are considered to be legit and trustworthy. Sites, where visitors know where to reach out, are considered more fruitful for lead generation.

Always include a “Contact Us” button/page on your site for getting better leads.

Choose your End Goal 

While developing a site that helps in better lead generation, random placement of CTAs and landing pages may not serve your purpose.

Think about

  • The types of leads expected
  • The type of contact (e-mail, phone, etc.) received
  • Are the leads needed for creating brand awareness, or in the decision-making phase?

All these answers will help you in locating the pages wherein you need to place the maximum effort for getting leads.

Add Quality Forms

Web forms enhance lead generations so use them wisely on your site. Some of the best web designing forms comprise fewer fields, easy structure, and catchy CTA (call to action). 

Proper arrangement of form layout, and fields, appropriate field labels, proper placement of CTA buttons, and the feedback field, all should be properly included in the web form. 

Screenshot of Salesforce web form

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Always ask for a few but necessary information from your visitors which will enhance your motto.

Utilize Conversions at All Phases

The buyer’s journey consists of varied phases, ranging from the awareness phase, the thinking phase, and the decision-making phase to purchase the product.

Your lead generation website should capture all these buyer’s phases and lead them to conversions by creating varied conversion moments. Ensure that your digital marketers work on these leads to create successful purchase opportunities.

Implement Live Chat

In this competitive market, your site needs to generate and deliver leads round the clock and this is possible by placing a live chat option for your visitors.

This helps in resolving their doubts about products/services instantly and enhancing better leads.

Use Clever CTAs

unique creative clever CTA examples sacred place

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The above image specifies how the site respects inbox by stating to deliver the best and relevant content. It indirectly also specifies that your email will not be dumped with spammy content. 

Use clever and creative CTAs which are not boring and can instantly engage with your audience. 

Example: Rather than using “Contact Us” CTA, go for “Our Sales Person will call you shortly”.

Use multiple CTAs and analyze which is the most sought out one by your visitors.

Test & Optimise Regularly

Website optimization is a never-ending process. Your lead generation website needs to be tested regularly for new CTAs for implementation. Remove the ones which are not fruitful or hardly clicked. 

Keep on using new strategies for enhancing the conversion ratio.

Modifying and optimizing the website as per the customer’s needs and demands can help in improving your site for better and more leads. 

Optimize your website for mobile, for SEO as well as for site performance for your visitors to reach your lead magnets easily.

Few More Tips

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Site Speed
  • Good Navigation
  • Proper use of White Space
  • SEO friendly
  • Relevant Content

All these factors too help in making your site ideal for lead generation.

Always Remember

Lead generation and lead conversions are two different aspects, so never make the mistake of treating them the same. 

Your lead generation website will help in delivering leads, but to convert these leads (visitors) into customers is the task of your marketers present in your sales team.  Ensure that the sales strategies are in place so that all the leads are handled efficiently and quickly to enjoy the hike in conversion rates. 

Bottom Line

An optimized and well-tested lead generation website can enhance the lead count by keeping the cost factor to the minimum. 

Some of the common strategies include implementing SEO strategies, creating proper landing pages, and placing proper lead magnets on appropriate pages, spread all over the website. 

Hope the above-mentioned tips help you in generating a good lead generation site, which in turn helps in increasing lead conversions and growth of your business. 

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