Marketing Automation Tools: Top 7 Benefits of Introducing Slack to Your Marketing Teams (2022)

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Keeping your marketing campaigns up to date can be a tough job. Slack can help you with that. According to the latest reports, around 750,000 organizations are using Slack, with 16,000 daily active users. Using Slack for marketing automation has become a hot topic now. Organizations and marketing teams value it for its engaging interface and easy collaboration. 

Read ahead to see the primary benefits of applying automation to your marketing efforts. Furthermore, see how businesses can leverage by choosing Slack as their marketing automation partner. 

Latest Marketing Automation Trends Marketers Must Know

Machine Learning + AI Automation for Smart Marketing Automation

At the end of 2022, you can see more and more companies employing predictive personalization techniques. Starbucks and Netflix are already filled with ideas of engines that employ machine learning plus AI automation to create more customized experiences for their customers. 

Chatbots are Our Future Assistants

According to Oracle’s report 80% are already using or planning on using chatbots to form a communication channel between customer service and customers. Chatbots are becoming smarter and are capable of providing behavioral suggestions along with the much needed integration with third parties.  

User Retention Can Be a Great Boost for Your Business

In 2022, we are set to witness  deeper measures to retain their present customers than to acquire new ones. This is the year where companies will try to understand the users who have not yet transacted with their site. As per a report by Bain & Company, if 5% customers are retained then there can be a 75% boost in the company’s profits. 

Forming an Elaborate Strategy For Mobile Users

Marketers have now shifted their strategies to mobile marketing because of the rapid increase in mobile usage. According to research, Americans check their phones 96 times a day. Marketers now think of aiming to create an elaborate strategy for leveraging tools like push notifications. 

An Increase in Cross Channel Marketing

This year will see an increase in marketers that spend time on cross channel marketing then working alone. A multi channel marketing will take into account various levels of strategies to better engage customers and get great outcomes. 

A Significant Shift to First Party Data

Marketing officials are using third party cookies and data to build customer experience and personalize its experience. Google has now decided to phase out third party cookies which has led to marketers thinking about other ways to phase out data. And one of them is first party data that is gathered through customers themselves and owned by the company. Using first party data is less costly than third party. 

7 Benefits of Introducing Slack to Your Marketing Teams (2022)

1. Manage Your Marketing Campaigns More Effectively 

Slack enables you to connect your sales and marketing team to others who can play a significant role in your campaigns. It connects you to vendors and partners and can help your processes run more smoothly. You can define specific, organized channels in Slack so that marketing team members can easily find crucial information and get in touch with the appropriate individuals. Additionally, you may integrate third-party tools and apps and automate marketing workflows to assist the marketing team.

Public Slack channels act as a knowledge hub for your organization because they are fully searchable and open to all members. It implies that when someone requires a critical piece of information or a status update, they can quickly find it and then act to advance projects.

2. Communicate With Third-Party Agencies Easily

Everyone works more quickly and spends more time satisfying customers than sending emails, making calls, or looking for assets. You may collaborate directly with third parties like vendors, PR agencies, and advertising agencies by using Slack Connect, a feature of any paid Slack subscription. You can share material, provide input, and control approvals in Slack. Slack also enables you to update Slack status automatically so that you can let your team know when you are available. This helps in increasing the productivity of your team. 

3. Dynamic Collaboration

Supporting actors can enter and exit marketing channels as needed via Slack, allowing them to participate when it’s most needed. It helps to save time, and your work can finish earlier. When you add a customer to a journey, for instance, a workflow might notify your sales team, allowing the salespeople to ensure that their communications are consistent with the most recent messaging.

4. Enhanced Visibility

It cannot be easy because more divisions contribute to creating your marketing strategies. 

Many people deal with the methodologies and deliverables, and many teams collaborate on their roles, responsibilities, goals, and outcomes. The marketing teams can agree on this for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. 

Whether your business offers a good or a service, and whether you sell it to individual clients or other companies, Slack provides visibility to all stakeholders so that everyone can follow projects through to completion.

5. Get More Engagement from Your Customers

An easy way to boost your customer engagement is by responding to them quickly by tending to data and stats. 

You can incorporate the most recent competitor intelligence and trends into your marketing plan with specialized channels for sharing industry news and insights. It includes real-time swarming of PR and social media issues, channel response coordination, or Slack huddle discussion of potential remedies.

Engage with consumers with Slack Connect to include their opinions in all that you do.

6. Convert Insights into Impacts

With Slack, you can optimize your workflow and carefully monitor your marketing performance. 

There are possibilities that you can jump on hot leads more quickly with close teamwork to qualify and convert prospects. With Slack, collaborating with your marketing and sales teams to form KPIs and obtain a better output for your campaigns becomes easy. 

Without leaving Slack, you can take action on information and insights from your other apps and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

7. Get Assistance in a Webinar Follow-Up

It’s time to process and follow up on the action items. Now would be an excellent moment to distribute whatever materials you have to attendees if you have been keeping track of audience members’ questions. 

Send those inquiries to the account owner via the Account Slack channel, so they have another excuse to get in touch and schedule a follow-up appointment. Slack has all of this knowledge and background information saved for you. It will go much better the next time!

A webinar is a fantastic tool to educate prospects, generate new leads, fill your pipeline, and move deals forward if planned, executed, and tracked effectively. Users can use Slack, Salesforce, and other platforms to make this endeavor productive and valuable.

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Bottom Line – Automate Your Marketing Processes

If you are looking to enhance your collaboration tools in the marketing automation journey, then Slack and the associated integrations provide you the necessary impetus. Slack integration with marketing automation enables you to do in-depth behavioral research on your rivals’ website usage, content preferences, and stage of the purchasing cycle.

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