Why is unique content essential for SEO?

Search engine optimization is crucial for generating website traffic and content on the website plays an important role. This content has to be unique and valuable to website visitors to rank higher in the search. 

When we talk about content, it is not just about textual content, but it includes images, videos, and other multimedia elements. Visual content is an essential part of any website content.

For SEO to kick in, content not only should be unique, but should be high quality, relevant, valuable and of course contain the right set of keywords.  Content originality is absolutely essential. 

How can we do it?

Attaining uniqueness is not that difficult; all you need is to pick the right approach, and you’ll get it in your content.

What is optimized content?

Content Optimization is a key process in SEO wherein the content is made available in such a way that it is found easily by the target audience. Such content should be highly readable, should have all the right keywords and associated with right tags. 

Novice SEO content writers tend to insert a lot of keywords into the content, thinking that it is going to put the content in front of the target audience. But modern search engines are designed with the user in mind – so it is not enough to have keywords, but also the content should be relevant to the topic/keywords used, should be unique and of high quality. Lacking any of these, would lower the overall ranking of the page. 

It is important to write the content keeping the target audience in mind and including keywords that would make it easy for content to be found by the audience. It is also equally important for all the related content to be organized locally with interlinking links between the pages.

How to check the uniqueness of content?

If you have outsourced your content writing to third party agencies, this becomes very important. How to check for uniqueness of the content. You want your site to be authority for the specific topic and the content needs to be unique and original. One of the key quality checks on content is to check for plagiarism.

It is pretty simple, or we can say that there is the only way to check plagiarism of your content, and that is using a plagiarism checker tool.

Plagiarism checkers are specifically designed to highlight duplicates in content and whether the content snippets match with any content on the internet, and there is no other way to underline that duplication other than a plagiarism checker.

As soon as you highlight the duplication, you can now remove it by different approaches. There are many different ways or steps, but they have the same goal: to remove plagiarism.

Let’s have a look at all these steps that can be very helpful in removing plagiarism.

1. Use paraphrasing tools

If you wish to check plagiarism quickly and remove duplicate content, then you can surely use a paraphrasing tool. It is not wrong to say that paraphrasing tools or paraphrases are created to attain uniqueness in content.

There are several online paraphrasing tools available which are easy to use, free for some limited  use and help a great deal in getting started. Some of these paraphrasing tools are AI based which provide an accurate rephrasing facility which rewrites the essays or phrases in seconds while keeping the content plagiarism free.

So, you can pick any that can be suitable for you and fulfil your needs. Firstly you need to specify your requirements, like whether you need to rephrase in bulk or not.

2. Go for article rewriters.

It is not wrong to say that the working of a paraphrasing tool and article rewriters is the same, both of these tools are used to make the content unique by replacing words with synonyms.

When this tool changes the word with another word that will be the synonym of that first word, how will you get plagiarism?

So, it depends on you whether to go for a paraphrasing tool or to use an article rewriter.

Similar to the paraphrasing tools, many article rewriters are free of cost and valuable as well. It can be a good option.

3. Use quotations

Plagiarism can be avoided by reusing the content as quotes. You can add the copied text within quotes and provide proper reference or source information. 

We cannot add every copied statement in the inverted commas or quotations; if you are willing to use a famous quote or saying, then it can be an excellent option to use references.

As we have used quotations since childhood, there must be no difficulty using quotes in content.

You can insert inverted commas at the start and the end of the copied statement, but why is it not considered plagiarized content?

It remains the copied content but using quotations means you are giving credits to the original author or writer.

And many best plagiarism checkers avoid quotations while highlighting the duplication.

4. Add references

If there is something essential and you cannot even change a single word of that statement, you can add references.

There is more than one way to add references, like adding them side by side or adding a reference page at the end of the content.


Having unique content is very important not only for the search engine result pages but also for your readers or audience.

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