“Wyz” is now live on Cuspera.com

Wyz (pronounced as wise) is an AI-powered advisor that guides you in identifying the right software product for your business need. Wyz asks intelligent questions to elicit the business problem and guides you to a list of software products best suited for your need. Wyz is aware of software installations at your peer businesses and makes it easy for you to understand the fit of a software product for your requirement. Wyz not only avoids technical and marketing jargon, but also declutters your experience of exploring the software landscape.

Features of Wyz:

Wyz is context-aware:

Wyz can be invoked on any page and Wyz understands the page context and topics and uses that while determining the consideration list of software products. Wyz is now active on the home page, software category pages, and software product pages on Cuspera.com. Wyz looks like an AI bot on these pages.

Wyz knows the page you are reading and can help you find software products relevant to the business problem being discussed on that page.

Alternatively, you can start exploring with business problem related keywords and get recommendations for products that are best equipped to help you solve the problem.

Wyz being context aware

Wyz is personalized

Software products are specialized for specific use-cases in particular industry segments, so knowing that is absolutely important for Wyz to recommend the right-fit product for you. 

You can either log-in via LinkedIn so that Wyz knows more about you or alternately Wyz nudges you to identify your market segment, industry vertical and location in the conversation.

Find fit for your industry segment

Find fit for your Industry vertical

Wyz is powered by data and intelligence from Cuspera platform

The Cuspera engine crawls the Web to identify how products have been used in various industry use-cases to recommend the right-fit software for you. Cuspera uses NLP such as topic detection, sentiment analysis, etc., and AI algorithms based on semi-supervised learning to identify topics, score and match them with products.

Wyz ensures requirement completeness

All our recommendations are backed by peer experiences and expert recommendations, which you can read and verify. Wyz will actively remind you to choose requirements that you might have missed, which your peers and experts found important, before recommending software products.

Important Business goals that you might have missed

Important business requirement that might have been missed

Guides you to consider newer features and technology trends

How do you know when Wyz has found the right-fit?

Wyz shows at the top of the conversational screen whether it has a sense of how good the recommendation is for you. Red means poor-fit, yellow and amber means the recommendation is getting warmer and the greener the bar better is the fit.  Right-Fit is based on:

  1. Wyz’s understanding of your business problem. Remember Wyz is asking you questions to zero in on your problem, more the questions your answer more confident Wyz is about the recommendations
  2. Wyz’s understanding of your business context. If it knows who you are: your company, Industry, etc., it is more confident about the recommendations.
  3. It also depends on what software products your peers and expert have chosen in a related problem space. The more the peer and expert recommendations we have better is Wyz’s confidence in the recommendations.

Reports generated by Wyz

Wyz still generates a nice report that you previously could generate on cuspera.com. You can generate report after shortlisting 3 software products that Wyz recommends as right-fit. You can also share this report with your team and get feedback on your requirements and Wyz’s recommendations. There are minor changes from the previous format, but the bulk of the reporting format remains the same. See here for a sample report for a CRM selection here : https://www.cuspera.com/app/9097d8ec-80f0-4142-a32e-1b5ed36e8de0/report 

What is the data behind Wyz

Wyz is powered by Cuspera’s data:

  1. More than 16,000 products.
  2. Across 40 industries verticals
  3. only in sales and marketing.
  4. 47 Million data points crawled from the Web on these products. These include peer reviews, expert blogs and ISV sites.
  5. More than 1.5 Million unique peers and experts.

What has changed since the previous release:

  1. The search and filter UI to discover software on cuspera.com is now deprecated and no longer available. If you still like that interface and hooked onto it please write to info@cuspera.com.
  2. The report generation has minor changes, including showing fewer peer recommendations. A few of the technical requirements still do not show up prominently in the report and will be fixed in a release soon.
  3. The sharing of report has to be done manually by sharing the link of the report. The share option has been deprecated and will come back in a better avatar.
  4. Software category pages and beginner guides on how to choose software in that category is introduced to help beginners understand the complexity in software selection.

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