Why is it so difficult to find a perfect match of a software to your business needs?

Subbu Vempati


We live in an era of information overload, and this only makes it super tricky to navigate to something relevant to YOU! There is a significant upside & a big downside of having access to a plethora of information on the internet.

There is a problem of Plenty for software solutions. Getting a personalized recommendation that’s credible and can be implemented immediately is very important in this digital age for anybody, particularly for Marketing and Sales managers.

A variety of factors challenges business managers. Search in the face of information asymmetry, getting the requirements and nuances right, and working within the team to get the consensus going…

Problem of Plenty


As you can see, given the sheer number of solutions, you should be able to find a solution whatever be the marketing or sales problem.

Yet, as per a report by Gartner

94% of the enterprise buying teams abandon a software search, at least once, for a variety of reasons.

Another staggering revelation is that

33% of the professionals who select and purchase a software product churn pretty quickly because it did not solve the problem they thought it would.

These are not fun stats!

Why is it so hard?

Unearthing specialized software solutions that meet business requirements is not easy

The latest Martech landscape map from   Chief Martec includes more than  7,000 marketing software solutions, and this landscape is continuously evolving. The abundance of solutions makes it possible but also challenging to find a perfect fit. How do you find that golden needle in this haystack?

Information Asymmetry

It is easy to be troubled with the flood of domain-specific or technical words. A lot of product information, from the software vendors, is full of technical jargon, features & functionalities.

Business managers speak the language of business goals, problems, metrics, so on. Availability of meaningful insights is a challenge too

This gap in “language” makes it difficult for the buyers (business teams) to discover the right solutions.

Top Lists Galore

There are a plethora of top lists out there, given any topic. Top lists, Quadrants, Waves, Categories. They all point one in different directions. Impossible to figure out what is right for yourself!


Getting the requirements down is not easy

A lot of times, it is unstated or assumed requirements that are incorrect or not met by the selected software that makes the solution unusable. Access to an assisted requirement development can be a big boon for business managers who are time challenged.

Not all functionality is the same

Context plays an equal or stronger role. It is the nuances that help make a software selection perfect.

Software purchase is rarely an individual decision.

Average B2B buying decision now needs more than five sign-offs. Software buying is more of a team sport. Getting many people on to the same page on requirements, and selection is a non-trivial endeavor

Which of these challenges did you encounter while deciding on a software?

Did you face a challenge not listed above?

Please leave your ideas in the comments section.

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