Case study: Finding a right-fit chat technology to engage with your customers

This case study is from an actual business user from a Fortune 500 company in retail heading the partnership business based out of Atlanta.

Background :

The business user manages a portal where partners can place order and is struggling with drop offs and low engagement. She wants to use “chat” to stay in touch with partners on the portal.

Business Need

The user starts on Cuspera typing “engage using chat” and we prompt the user to choose her goals and process from a drop down as shown in Figure 1 and 2 below based on business manager’s goal. Figure 1 depicts the results when the primary goal of the business manager is to enhance relationship with her customer using chat whereas Figure 2 shows the results when the primary goal is to acquire new customers.

Figure1: Potential tech solutions to “Enhance customer relationships by engagement management using chat” in retail industry

Given her business context, we feel Zendesk, SnapEngage, Live Chat, etc are better suited for her business need of engaging with her customers as these are designed to know the customer well and engage with them regarding their previous orders, tickets etc.

In contrast, when the business user is interested in acquiring new customers, we feel Zoho SalesIQ, Pure Chat, Hubspot, etc are better suited as they are designed to capture customer details and feed them to you existing CRM.

Figure 2: Potential tech solutions to “Acquire customers by engagement management using chat in retail industry

Business Context

Similarly the business user specifies her size of the company, her department and her location to get personalised set of recommended solutions.

Adjacent Business Needs

Typical business user solves more than one process or has more than one goal while choosing a technology solution. As show in Figure 3, we prompt the user to choose other related processes, which her peers have also chosen along with her original business need. In this case, user chose communication management as another “must” process to be implemented and the recommended solutions are updated to those which are good at engaging with customer and also managing the communication with them as show in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Related processes selection

Integrations and other Corp Requirements

The user is then shown a screen where she has to choose whether she needs integration and with what system. She can choose whether she wants custom report or analytics, the kind of data security and compliance expected from the system and the final short list of recommendations are shown to the user as in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Short list after business need, business context and other IT/Corp requirements are specified

What-if scenarios and final report

The final screen as shown in Figure 5, allows user to re-prioritise her requirements to choose a solution that best suits her based on her budget, vendor qualification, ease of migration, ease of integration, etc. The report can also be downloaded and shared with her team.

Figure 5. What-if optimization and final report

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