What is a right-fit technology solution for your business need?

A technology solution is right-fit for you if it solves your business need as per your expected time horizon. The factors that determine the right-fit solution are how well the solution’s workflow is designed to solve your business need, how well it works and integrates with you existing technology stacks and how compliant is it for your companies policies such as privacy, security and business continuity.

Business needs

Business needs are hard to specify. A business manager looking for a technology solution has a business process or two that he wants to improve. He also has a goal in mind. For example, a sales manager who is looking for a technology solution to improve his “lead management”, either wants to capture leads more efficiently so that he can “acquire more customers” (a goal) or ensure that he converts leads better to “improve his revenue” targets (another goal). As every solutions is specifically designed to achieve certain goals based on its business process workflows, knowing the goal and process is important to choose the right solution. In Cuspera, we prompt you to choose the right goal for your process based on your chosen industry vertical and the keywords you type, in order to recommend the right-fit solution.

Business Context

It’s important to understand your business context — your vertical, whether you are B2B or B2C, you location, etc to find the right-fit solution. Every industry has subtle nuances that change the way process workflows are implemented, the way the data is captured, the scale expected, etc. and we need to know the context to find the right-fit solution. For example a lead capture software for B2B business and B2C business behaves very differently . Similarly the channels you use to reach your customers also varies based on your industry.

Enterprise ready software solutions are different than the ones meant for SMBs — enterprise ready software are typically more expensive and meant to be used in a complex environment and technical stack compared to simpler solution focussed on ease-of-use for SMBs. A right-fit solution is the one that is built with your business context in mind for your business need.

Company IT and Corp Policies

Last but not the least is to understand the existing technology stack in your company and how well the new tech solution needs to interact with existing stack. This includes the OS policies, network policies, DB policies etc of your CIO — are you a MicroSoft or an open source setup; Oracle, IBM or MySQL setup etc. We also need to know what other systems you are using — what kind of integration to you existing customer database etc. to recommend your right-fit solution.

Another important factor is also the vendor qualifications that the vendor of the tech solution needs to meet such as vendor’s size, location, compliance, stability etc. based on your companies procurement process.

The right-fit software solution is the one that meets your business need with proven track record in your business context and meets all your IT and Corp policies, which greatly increases your chances of successful outcome in your preferred time horizon.

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