How Online Event Management can Improve Lead Generation and Customer Satisfaction

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Event management is the application of project management techniques to organize small-scale or large-scale events. The integration of technology into event planning for both corporate events and social events has numerous benefits. 

Online event management software entails many functions. Such include the creation of an event planning schedule, delegation of tasks to the team, and so much more. 

Purchasing event management software while already having an existing membership management software is expensive. Due to this, Online Membership management systems with fully integrated online event management functions have been developed.

A Membership management system is software used to provide membership services and functionality to an organization’s members. They consist of member’s data and membership privileges. 

Online event management has various benefits to a company, and in this article, we will discuss lead generation and customer satisfaction through the use of online event management.

Event Creation

The first step in planning an event is the actual creation of the event and its execution plan. Online event management software eases this process to one that takes a few minutes.

Event creation using the event management software entails writing a well-detailed event listing. This should be able to include other features such as photos and the event description. 

After creating the event, the event manager designs the event registration form. Most event management systems automatically add the event onto the website calendar. This allows automatic event addition onto the client’s devices when registering for the event. 

This creates an easy and seamless registration process for the user. 

Venue Sourcing

Event management software recommends venues based on the event type, location, and expected number of guests. Good venue selection ensures all event attendees are comfortable, therefore, improving customer satisfaction. 

Various online event management software recommends venues. This is made possible by allowing venue companies to post the venues on the software and indicate all necessary details. This helps improve the efficiency of the process. 

Clear Communication

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A key factor that companies fail to observe in the process of event management is the upholding of communication with the clients. Once people have registered for an event, it is courteous to give them regular updates and information. This is where online event management comes in.

Engaging with the registered attendants as a company or a brand can include various things. This includes planning tips for the event, the inclusion of a map link to the event venue, etc. 

These will ensure the client has an easy time with anything concerning the event, therefore, improving the client’s satisfaction. 

Event Marketing

An integral factor in the success of any event is the marketing tactics employed. Comprehensive event management software offers various marketing tactics varying from social media campaigns to paid promotions and emails.

Choosing the appropriate marketing strategy for the event should be done based on factors such as the event location.

For improved sales, you can opt to go for Account Based Marketing method to increase your sales. A key factor to note is that the success rate of this method is highly dependent on whether you have identified your target audience. 

Better target audience identification brings out a higher number of lead closures. 

Seating Plans

For most people, the convenience of having a specific seat allocated to them in an event is very important. Event seating plans have various advantages both to the event organizer and the attendees.

For corporate events, the event planner can use data from the company’s Association Management Software. This enables them to get detailed information regarding the attendees. 

The event manager can use the information to create the seating plan while observing various factors. These factors may include the position in the company and an attendee’s role at the event.

Online event management software integrates with diagramming and seating services platforms that offer pre-designed seating layouts that the event planner can use. With open systems, they allow the attendees to view available seats and choose from these seating positions. 

This improves customer satisfaction since the various cons of open event seating are alleviated. Aside from that,  the advantages of dedicated seats are also taken up.

Payment Processing

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Events that allow online payments have numerous advantages and therefore have better lead numbers. Some of the benefits of online payments for events are:

  • Global reach
  • Lower transaction costs for clients
  • Customer convenience

However, fraud cases in online payments are at an all-time high due to the recent mass adoption of online payments due to Covid-19. For most people, the fear of identity or data theft from online payments is a big concern.

A reliable payment processing system will also have various benefits to the event organizer. Fast payment systems that collect payments and deposit them into the organizer’s account are a must. This quickly allows the organizer to get some capital for use in the planning process. 

To alleviate your customers’ worries, you should adopt an event management system that uses a well-known and secure payment processing system. This will greatly improve your client’s satisfaction with the event payment process.

Post-Event Insights

Consistent success in events requires proper event planning and management tactics. Aside from this, the adoption of client suggestions will improve client satisfaction. Online event management software helps gather relevant data such as the number of attendees against the number of registered persons etc. 

The data can be used to fill in performance metrics for the events that can be analyzed to find ways to improve and make the event better. There are various event performance metrics such as:

  • Attendee satisfaction
  • Attendance rate
  • Total revenue gathered
  • New versus Returning clients
  • Conversion rates for the marketing strategies used

To improve on client satisfaction, you can also request client suggestions through the event management system. Client suggestions help point out various weak points of the event that ought to be altered to improve satisfaction. 


Modern event management software has all the above features. There are several event management software in the market, some of which are free to use while some are pay-to-use. 

When choosing the software to use, consider the pricing of the software and the expected functionalities that you expect from the software. Another factor to consider when choosing an event management system is the size of the organization. 

While some systems are suited to automatically scale up, others are specifically developed for small organizations and others for big organizations.